My name is Enrique Mora. I’ve been a user of online networks since June of 1983 when I bought my first Hayes Smartmodem at the PC’83 conference in San Francisco, California. I had the opportunity of receiving a copy of PC-Talk, first hand from the author, Andrew Flugelman.

I was immediately captivated by the possibilities of communicating through email and online forums on The Source and Compuserve.

Before the end of the year I started the first RBBS-PC Bulletin Board in Seattle. It ran in interpreted BASIC until I was able to modify and compile the code. In 1984 I moved to Dallas-Fort Worth where I set up FIDO node 314 and operated the hub for northern Texas.

I began using internet email in 1992 and initiated my professional dedication to Internet technology in 1994. That was the Internet equivalent of the stone age and “pre-history” here in Spain where I reside since 1989.

I registered in April of 1996. At the time, the “land grab” for Internet domain names had not yet started. Although “Mora” is a rather uncommon surname in the United States, I had the unfortunate luck that MORA.COM was already taken. Since the name of my business at the time was MORA Technolgoical Services, I decied would be an interesting derivative.

An initial webpage stub was posted in 1996. Its still on the WayBack machine  and the page that was up for most of 1997 is at with links to some of the work we did at the time.

Today I conserve the domain name mainly for personal use.

If you have an email address for me, you’ve known me for some time.  They still work, but these accounts are flooded with SPAM and I dont read this email very often. Now I can be reached by using the same address with

Why Moralogic?